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Updated: Jun 5

First and foremost, it is time for a viable and competitive 3rd Party to be created in American politics. We see it everyday in the business world, competition leads to innovation, greater efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction. And frankly, if you ask me, the customers of these two old stagnant parties have been dissatisfied with our government for a very long time. We can do so much better America, it's time to finally move forward. AND, although I'm a little biased here, it's time for Gen X to finally have our moment and lead this country back together.

Now on to the spark, that ignited the fire, that inspired my campaign...

Back in February of 2021, 43 cowards in the US Senate chose self-interest over country, chose party over country, chose lies over the truth, and failed to convict the worst president in US history, who after legitimately losing the 2020 election, proceeded to lie to the American people without proof or evidence, attempted a coup in plain sight, and when all else failed, led an attack on our nation's Capitol on January 6th, 2021, right in front of our eyes, broadcast on live television.

We've all seen the photos, we've all seen the video footage, of our congressmen and women sheltering in place, fearing for their lives, and with a look of terror on their faces. And we've seen the footage of our vice president being rushed into a bunker because the Secret Service feared for his life. America…are you fucking kidding me? I can't imagine ANYTHING more un-American than that.  Especially by a sitting president.

When this massive failure of accountability occurred, I knew we’d be exactly where we are today, because if you don't hold a deranged lunatic and criminal accountable…he’ll always be back. Because he'll think he can get away with it…and so far he has. And not only has he gotten away with it, he’s continuing to spread his lies across the country, is running for president again, and is leading in the polls.

So how did I know this would happen? Well, during my 47 years on this planet, I've gotten to know toxic personality types really well. I have a member of my family with a similar disorder. Technically, they have borderline personality disorder, but it’s a very close cousin to narcissism.

They create drama and chaos wherever they go. They love picking fights with anybody and everybody. They lie and manipulate constantly to try and get their way. They’re divisive as hell, whether it’s pitting family members against family members, or Americans against Americans, they love playing the victim and blaming everyone else for their problems, and they NEVER take responsibility for their actions. Does any of this sound familiar?  You’re goddamn right it does.

The hard lesson that I learned over the years is that unless you have rock-solid boundaries, and hold this person accountable for all of their toxic and unacceptable behavior, they will continue to wreak havoc on all of the lives around them. And once again ladies and gentlemen, here we are.

So that was prediction number one. Prediction number two was that Democrats would probably overplay their hand. Too many times in my life, I’ve seen Democrats rise to power and then just give it right back. Now let me be clear, I’m not a Joe Biden hater. He was absolutely 100% the right choice for president in 2020. And I proudly voted for him. Unfortunately, Mr. Biden is now facing the unavoidable laws of nature and aging, and even if he IS mentally fit to serve another term, I knew our country would feel otherwise and that he wouldn’t be a strong candidate the second time around.

And although he didn't say it officially back in 2020, the Biden campaign did heavily imply that Mr. Biden would run for only one term and that Democrats would give us another choice in 2024. So I waited with excitement. I waited with anticipation. Who would be next? I heard rumors and read articles that it might be Michelle Obama. I'd vote for her…but that didn't happen. I heard rumors and read articles that the Rock might run for office, and I'd vote for him, but that didn't happen.  I even read an article that suggested Oprah should run for office, and I'd vote for her, but that too did not happen.

As each of these predictions in this nightmare scenario continued to play out, I made a promise to myself a year ago. I promised myself that if by January 2024, Biden was losing in the polls, the insurgent and rapist was not yet behind bars, where he belongs, and no one else in this amazing country of 330 million people stepped up and gave us a viable 3rd Party option, then I would take action.  I promised myself that I would not just sit around hoping, praying, and doing nothing about it.  (And I’m sorry, but Mr. Kennedy is not an option. A man who doesn't fully believe in science and can't admit the truth about January 6th is not my guy.) 

I promised myself that I would throw my hat into the ring. I’d be the change that I’m looking for in this world, and I’d be the candidate that I’m looking for in this election, a young, energetic, passionate, liberal to moderate voice focused on unifying this country, protecting the rights of ALL Americans, truly representing the middle class (because I am middle class).  And a candidate who’s not afraid to verbally brawl with the wannabe dictator.

So here I am on May 1st, 2024, officially announcing that I, Vinny Randazzo, am officially running for President of the United States of America. I filed my paperwork with the FEC three months ago and I’m officially registered as a unaffiliated candidate.

Now I know I'm the longest of long shots. That fact is not lost on me, but I'll tell you what…America loves the underdog…America loves the Cinderella story…and I can't think of any story that speaks more to the American Dream than for a middle-class candidate to rise up out of nowhere to win the presidency of the United States and truly represent the middle class.

If I get a chance to give a few speeches, I consider that a win. If I inspire other younger Americans to run for office in the future, I consider that a win. If I get people to think and realize what is at stake in this election, I consider that a win. I look forward to the excitement and possibility ahead.

And these rich guys will tell you that they know what you’re going through, but they don’t.  Unless you wake up each and every day with even just a little concern about your financial future, then you don’t know what it’s like to be in the middle class.  Unless you wake up each day thinking, can I pay my rent and bills this month, can I pay my rent and bills for the rest of the year, how I am I going to afford the rising cost of living, rising gas prices, and stubborn inflation, are my parents going to run out of money because their health care is too expensive.  If you don’t have any of these concerns every day, then you don’t know what it’s like to be in the middle class.

So America, you have a choice…if you truly want to disrupt this election, if you truly want to stop choosing the lesser of two evils, if you truly want to bring change to Washington, then I ask for your vote, your support, or at the very least, I ask for you to listen as I make my case to the American people for the next 3 to 4 months.

I promise you this, no other candidate will work harder for Americans around this country. There is a beautiful thing that happens in life when you’ve finally had enough. It lights a fire in your soul that you can’t ignore, and you have no choice but to take massive action.

Before I go I’ll leave you with a final thought and a challenge.  Over the last few months I’ve spoken to many people and I’ve asked them what they want to see for our country in 2024 and what issues are important to them politically.  Whether they were liberal or conservative, the majority of them said the same thing.  They want safety, they want unity, and they want economic prosperity.  I believe all of this is achievable if we work together, strengthen our communities, and continue to protect our Democracy.

So as you make your choice for President this year, here is my challenge.  Dare to think differently.  Dare to consider a 3rd Party Candidate.  Dare to believe in our country.  Dare to believe in each other, and, DARE to be UNITED!

Thank you and God bless the United States of America!

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